Sept.15, 2016 Forshpil Concert & Tantshoyz w/Steve Weintraub

Weintraub, Forshpil mashup

NY Klezmer Series Proudly Presents:

Forshpil! w/Ilya Shneyveys & Sasha Lurje
in Concert & playing for a Tantshoyz w/Steve Weintraub
Sept. 15, 2016
Jalopy Theater and School of Music!!
315 Columbia Street Brooklyn, New York 11231
phone 718.395.3214
Klezmer Instrumental Workshop w/Forshpil
6:30pm-8:00 $25 per class
8:30 – 9:30 Concert $15
9:30- 11:15 Tantshoyz & Jam Session
Full night pass – $35 (includes Workshop, Concert, Tantshoyz & Jam Session)
Forshpil duo
When Sasha Lurje and Ilya Shneyveys perform with their Yiddish psychedelic rock band Forshpil you’re up for a a powerful sonic explosion far from the theatric nostalgia one could associate with Yiddish song. But when they perform as a duo, old Yiddish love ballads come alive in an intimate and touching setting (yet no less cutting edge then the rock band).
The songs, though a 100 (and more) years old, deal with the same problems as today – love, hate, heartbreak, sacrifice, long-distance relationships and mention things like (in no particular order) adultery, wedding, deadly curses, bachelor parties, beer, army draft, rivers, diamonds, gold, silver, musicians, shoes, doves, devil, angels and fish to name a few.
The deep and sometimes tragic lyrics of these songs are echoed by the intensity and drama of the performance. Traditional style of singing blends perfectly with the accompaniment of modern instruments, harmonies, rhythms and effects creating impressive soundscapes that engage international audiences young and old, Yiddish-speaking and not.
This songs in this program have been carefully selected by thorough research conducted over the course of more then 10 years. Sasha and Ilya have chosen the most beautiful (and unjustly underrated and underperformed) Yiddish songs found in ethnographic collections and on archive recordings. Among the many gems of this program is a collection of Yiddish songs documented by Latvian composer Emils Melngailis, some of which have never been published before or performed in public since the late XIX century.
Sasha Lurje – voice, uke
Ilya Shneyveys – keys, guitar, effects
with very special guests on Tantshoyz
Steve Weintraub is a teacher, choreographer, and performer of Jewish dance, particularly Yiddish dance, the dance to klezmer music.
Born on Governor’s Island, Bar Mitzvahed in the Bronx, and living now in Philadelphia, Steven Lee Weintraub received his dance training in Manhattan with Alvin Ailey and Erick Hawkins, among others. He is in international demand as a teacher of traditional Yiddish dance at festivals and workshops including Klezkamp, Klezkanada, and festivals in Krakow, Furth, Paris and London to name a few. Steven delights in introducing people to the figures, steps and stylings of the dances that belong to Klezmer music. He has often been called the “Pied Piper of Yiddish Dance”; his years of experience leading and researching Yiddish dance allow him to quickly weave dancers and music together in astonishing ways. Young and old, from all backgrounds, find it easy to share in the joy of Yiddish dancing.