Oct. 14, 2014 Ben Holmes-Patty Farrell Duo

Ben Holmes & Patrick Farrell Duo


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Ben Holmes & Patrick Farrell are a one-of-a-kind trumpet and accordion duo whose performances range from klezmer, original concert music, and improvisation to interpretations of Romantic-era composers and more. Accordionist Patrick Farrell (Yo-Yo Ma, Frank London, Michael Winograd) and trumpeter Ben Holmes (Slavic Soul Party!, Ben Holmes Quartet, Brooklyn Qawwali Party) bring together a unique array of experiences to present a truly original program of music ranging from the 19th-21st Century and beyond.

New York City’s Premiere Klezmer/Spaghetti Western/Improv/Pop/Waltz/Freak-Out Trumpet and Accordion Duo plays originals, folk melodies, and music by Satie, Shostakovich, Chopin, the Beach Boys, and Ornette Coleman.

Ben Holmes – trumpet, compositions
Patrick Farrell – accordion, compositions


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