Oct. 10, 2019 Dem Leydik

October 10th 2019, Dem Leydik

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Dan Blacksberg – Trombone, Vocals
Luisa Muhr – Vocals, Movement
Adam Matlock – Accordions, Keyboards, Vocals

From the minds of trombonist Dan Blacksberg, vocalist and interdisciplinary artist Luisa Muhr, and accordionist/keyboardist Adam Matlock, Dem Leydik fills the spaces inside klezmer tunes, yiddish song and hasidic nigunim with new and old sounds drawn from inside the tradition to the far reaches of the avant-garde. These three artists are each well versed and well known in Yiddish music, and in the experimental world through individual and collective work with musicians like John Zorn and Anthony Braxton. In Dem Leydik, the trio will blend together their wide reaching skills and influences to explore music they love from the Yiddish tradition, searching inside the music for new avenues into the outer reaches of sound and back in again.

Klezmer Instrumental Music Workshop with Dan Blacksberg 6:30pm-8:00 $25 per class,
Concert begins at 8:30pm – $15
Jam Session follows Concert 9:45-10:45ish
Full night pass – $35 (includes Workshop, Concert & Jam Session)

at The Town & Village Synagogue, Social Hall, 334 East 14th St.(between 1st & 2nd Ave.)