Nov.7, 2019 Lucidarium w/Avery Gosfield

L u c i d a ri um

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Working between historical sources and the oral tradition, Lucidarium is dedicated to a multicultural approach to early music, bringing the voices of the “others” – those who lived in the shadows of the great institutions – back to life in an entertaining, engaging way designed for 21st century audiences. Although the research for the various projects is the responsibility of its director, the final product is developed collectively, the result of rehearsals where each musician is fully involved in the creative process. This combination of cutting-edge research, creativity and an energetic, spontaneous performance-style has brought both popular and critical acclaim to the ensemble.

Lucidarium’s work is currently divided between different projects: Ars Italica, which explores different aspects of Italy’s culture through its music and poetry, and Ars Hebraicae, dedicated to a reconstruction of the soundscape of the Jews in Renaissance Europe. Innovative programs that explore the links between oral and written transmission, the mechanisms that brought tunes, texts, and dances across Europe and beyond are one of the group’s hallmark.

Next to performances in prestigious early and classical music series, Lucidarium also makes frequent “crossovers,” playing in Jewish and World music festivals throughout the world.

Recent projects include “Sounds from Shylock’s Venice”, a multimedia program which was performed dozens of times across Europe and North America (including the 2016 York Festival) funded with grants from the Canton and City of Geneva, the European Union Creative Europe Project, The Swiss Performers’ Collective, Fondation Goehner, and the Fondazione Cini, the Haute École de Musique de Genève, and the subject of documentaries, radio recordings, master classes, seminars, articles and lectures and soon to be released as a CD recording on the prestigious Ramée/Outhere label.

Renaissance Music Workshop 6:30pm-8:00   $25 per class, 
Concert begins at 8:30pm – $15
Jam Session follows Concert 9:45-10:45ish
Full night pass – $35 (includes Workshop, Concert & Jam Session)

at The Town & Village Synagogue, Social Hall,  334 East 14th St.(between 1st & 2nd Ave.)

From the international press…

Ensemble Lucidarium” (The Guardian) “the variety of styles was intoxicating” (York Press)


“unaffected, poetic and fresh” (Thüringer Allgemeine)

“vibrant and robust” (Early Music America)


“… music that leapt effortlessly across the centuries into an enthusiastic audience’s receptive ears.”

(The Whole Note)

“The highlight of the first weekend of the York Early Music festival was an eclectic programme by the

Italian-Jewish group

“Salty dances like the piva and romanesca highlighted the frankly jazzy syncopation Italians so

favoured. Here the ensemble’s treasure-chest of instruments offered a kaleidoscope of colours”

“… in Ensemble Lucidarium’s interpretation, the music did not seem at all ‘historical:’ relaxed and lustfully played, it seemed as fresh as on the first day.” (BLZ Basel)

“The whole group works like a perfectly-oiled machine, where everyone knows exactly what to do, changing improvisational style from piece to piece with an expertise that left the public astounded and delighted.” (Messaggero Veneto)

From left to right: Élodie Poirier: nyckelharpa; Enrico Fink: voice and narration; Massimiliano Dragoni: percussion, hammer dulcimer; Carla Nahadi Babelegoto: voice; Fabio Accurso: lute; Giulia Valentini: voice; Avery Gosfield: recorder, pipe and tabor, direction Photos: © 2019 Gislèn Engelmann

Recent recordings:

From our live concert at the Montalbane Festival – “Sounds from Shylock’s Venice”

Ora Vien o Bella Sposa
Caval, Caval, Baiardo
The Founding of the Ghetto and Juden Tanz Ora Vien o Bella Sposa

From our live concert at the York Festival – “Leonardo – Science and Music”

The Early Music Show


Avery Gosfield Live at the Bimhuis

Music from the Venice Ghetto

with the support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva