Nov. 19, 2013 Breslov Bar Band


About the Breslov Bar Band

The Breslov Bar Band explores traditional and contemporary musical expressions of the Breslov Chassidim, from melancholy midnight meditations to funky/punky affirmations of the One!

The BBB blends Klezmer/Hassidic music with Middle-Eastern, Rock, Reggae, Punk, Ska, and other musical styles in an organic manner. The Breslov Bar Band band puts on a high-energy show. The musicians are powerful improvisers, there is a lot of freedom and spontaneity on the bandstand, and no two performances are alike. In addition to keyboards and vocals, BBB bandleader Binyomin Ginzberg plays the vibrandoneon — a mouth blown variation on the Argentinian bandoneon — which adds an intriguingly exotic component to the group’s sound.

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