Nov. 18, 2014 Psoy Korolenko – KlezBard Cabaret

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Pasha Lion, a.k.a. Psoy, is a Moscow “avant-bard” & wandering scholar”. He has invented a rather unique songwriter cabaret combining traditions of Soviet popular song & sung poetry, Yiddish folk & theater songs, modern French chansons, rap & Tom Lehrer.

 For more than 10 years, he has been working w/ Yiddishist & Klezmer artists, participating in many events, festivals & collaborative projects, such as Brothers Nazaroff, the latest one.

 A playful but deep poet-singer in Russian, he is a master of translation/tradaptation & language code switching for a non-Russian speaking audience. The show is usually in English, Russian, Yiddish-ish & some French.

Psoy accompanies himself on a piano or keyboard. The forthcoming event will be also featuring his friends & colleagues, well known to the New York audience.

w/guests – Jake Shulman-Ment – violin, Eleonore Weill- flute, and Aaron Alexander – drums

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Psoy Korolenko’s 21st Century Humor

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