May 5, 2015 Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi

Arc Recording - Hot Pstromi6

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Yale Strom – violin
Norbert Stachel – reeds,
Peter Stan – accordion,
David Licht – percussion,
Elizabeth Schwartz – vocals,
Sprocket – bass

 For over 3 decades, Yale Strom has been a global leader in the research, collection and dissemination of Eastern European klezmer and Romani culture.  With his band, Hot Pstromi, (hailed as “the Paganinis and Coltranes of this genre” by he will present a concert that draws on his ethnographic research. The concert will present traditional klezmer as well as Strom’s own klezmer and Yiddish songs. Strom also will mix in a few Khasidic melodies from his own family’s Stoliner Khasidic “yikhes.” The superb musicians in Hot Pstromi  improvise mixing jazz, klezmer, Balkan and Romani motifs throughout. Strom is based in San Diego, where San Diego State created an artist-in-residency for him in the Jewish Studies program, so take advantage of this opportunity to hear him and his Hot Pstromi bandmates.


Time Out (New York) “A leading light of the klezmer revival, kenetic energy, flying all around.”

TIME Magazine ” Through his art Strom has brought back his spiritual klezmer ancestors.”