May 4, 2017 Avi Fox-Rosen & The Electric Klezmer Trio!

Avi Fox-Rosen puts the electric guitar front and center in The Electric Klezmer Trio. The group plays tunes from Dave Tarras’ repertoire, with a Telecaster in the lead instrument chair.  With Dave Licht on drums, and Zoe Guigueno on bass.


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Avi Fox-Rosen has been playing Klezmer & Jewish Music for many years and has attended Klez Kamp and Klez Kanada many times. And he also plays guitar with many wonderful people in many wonderful places.  Bands include Yiddish Princess.357 LoverBenjy Fox-RosenBasya SchechterDaniel Kahn, Frank London, Aftselokhes Auxiliary Music Brigade, and many more.

 Avi Fox-Rosen is an unapologetically genre defying singer songwriter. “Informed equally by power pop, roots rock and show tunes” says Time Out New York, but they forgot to mention jazz, tin pan alley, downtown noise, funk, klezmer, and a whole host of other influences. That’s ok, they have a word limit.

 Avi Fox-Rosen makes music with a sardonic sense of humor, dense and dark lyrics, and enchantingly twisted melodies. Described by Lucid Culture as “Donald Fagen’s equally gifted more ill-at-ease bastard stepchild.”  In 2013 he’s releasing an EP of brand new original songs for each month of the year. 12 EPs in 12 months.

 New York Music Daily has heralded Avi’s album-a-month project as “one of the most ambitious jobs anyone in the rock world has taken on lately”. The blog also featured Avi at the very top of the list for their 50 best albums of 2013!!