May 20, 2014 Allen Watsky’s Djangle Box Project

Allen Watsky

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Allen Watsky is widely known over the past years for being the funky guitarist behind David Krakauer, Fred Wesley and DJ Socalled’s “Abraham Inc.” Project.  He’s toured as well with Krakauer’s Klezmer Madness and Josh Dolgin’s groups, as well as many other projects. He has been in the klezmer scene for years, attending Klez Kamp, Klez Kanada and other workshops.  He has been a professional musician for decades and is also known as one of the finest Luthiers in the business.

Here he will be presenting selections  from an upcoming CD with a fantastic group of musicians.

Djangle Box Project plays a combination of  original compositions by Al Watsky, and traditional melodies.

They explore the intersections of Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Roma, Yiddish, dance, trance and Jazz.

 Its Eclectic, not Electric!

Dave Licht
Marty Fogel
Billy Newman
Brian Glassman


With David Licht – percussion,  Brian Glassman – double bass, Marty Fogel – horns and Billy Newman -classical guitar.


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