June 23, 2016 Dobranotch (from Russia) & Levitt Legacy Kleztet

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DOBRANOTCH: Based in St.Petersburg, the band consists of musicians from different republics of the Former Soviet Union and plays music inspired by the traditions of these places. Founded in 1999 in Nantes (France) by Russian musicians, Dobranotch moved down to Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in search of a new line up. Extensively touring for the last 15 years Dobranotch visited more than 20 countries and played the biggest klezmer and world music festivals all over the world. The band released 5 albums on major Russian and European record labels. The music of Dobranotch can be heard in a number of Russian and European films, documentaries and compilations.

Mitia Khramtsov violin, voice
Ilya Gindin clarinet
Grigorii Spiridonov tuba
Max Karpychev sax
Evgenii Lizin poyk
Roman Shinder tum-balalaika
Sergey Shpul soundjackieheadshot1 copy

Levitt Legacy Kleztet (Featuring Jackie Sidle)

Led by 4th generation Klezmer musician Dave Levitt the Kleztet presents this music in it’s most traditional form. Selections include works from popular Yiddish composers like Ellstein, Secunda, and Kletter.  Also as part of the repertoire is the works of lesser known writers such as Beresh Katz and Louis Grupp. Vocalist Jackie Sidle will be featured singing in Yiddish as well as English.  The Levitt (Levinsky) family has been performing, arranging, and composing in the Klezmer idiom dating back to the late 19th century in Kiev. It was Mr. Levitt’s grandfather Jack who started writing and archiving this music for future generations to perform. Jack Levitt was a contemporary of Klezmer legends Dave Tarras and Naftule Brandwein.