Jan. 6, 2017 Litvakus w/Sasha Lurje; Nicole Borger

Nicole & Goyfriend

Friday Jan. 6, 2017

Goyfriend, a new collaboration between celebrated Latvian singer Sasha Lurje and Brooklyn-based klezmer band Litvakus led by Zisl Slepovitch. This new program offers a unique window into the dialogue between Jewish, Slavic and Baltic cultures. This diverse project explores the image of the Jews and their representations in the folk culture of their neighbors over 600 years of common history.
Raízes/Roots – A Recording of Jewish Songs Reinvented With a Brazilian Sound
Raízes (Roots), the new recording by Brazilian singer and songwriter Nicole Borger, is more than a collection of great songs. It´s a celebration of a life story, from Ekaterinoslav to New York, to São Paulo. Produced and arranged by trumpeter, bandleader and composer Frank London, the songs in Raízes cut a broad swath in Jewish song. In Raízes, Nicole, a Brazilian Jewish artist, cosmopolitan but deeply connected to her roots, celebrates the history that makes her who she is. But while doing so, she also gives voice to the deep desire of immigrants to find places in their new homes without forgetting where they came from and the road traveled.
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, of a multicultural Jewish family, Nicole started taking piano lessons at six, followed by singing classes from age 15 to this date. Along with her musical career, Nicole obtained a Law Degree from the Catholic University of São Paulo, and later studied Composition at São Paulo´s Santa Marcelina University. She is a practicing attorney, as well as an artist and cultural producer.
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