Feb. 2, 2017 T-Klez – Concert & Tantshoyz w/Steve Weintraub

good! D, D, P posed 1T-Klez’ sound is singularly joyful and masterful.  Rooted firmly in 19th and 20th century traditional klezmer music repertoire with deep bows to Hasidic traditions, they play a full gamut of tasty tunes.  These range from fast dances (freylekhs, bulgars, Ukrainian tunes)…to slow dances (joks, waltzes, tangos, khusidls)…to deep and/or rejoicing Hasidic nigunim (including Meron marching tunes played in Israel during the Lag B’omer holiday)..to Yiddish Theater and folk song…to newly composed rep from Bessarabia to Belmont, MA.

 They are:  

  • David Licht, percussion, a founding member of the Klezmatics and a member of the legendary groups Shockabilly and Bongwater.  He has performed with Ned Rothenberg, John Zorn and Tom Cora and worked with many other famed klezmorim like Giora Feidman and David Krakauer.  Licht’s drumming is singular and expressive.

  • Psachya Septimus, accordion, keys, attended Brooklyn College School of Music, and has been an integral part of the NYC hassidic music scene for the past 30 years. He has performed with acts as diverse as Avrohom Fried, Eitan Katz, Diaspora Yeshiva Band, Yehuda Green, and Soulfarm.  He has appeared on recordings including the Kleztraphobix, Soulfarm and Yaakov Shwekey. His own solo album, “Shattered Glass”, was released in 2012.

  • Dobe (Dena) Ressler clarinet, has taught at KlezKamp and at New England Conservatory’s summer Klezmer Institute, and has presented a seminar on klezmer history.  She’s played with world class klezmorim like Michael Alpert, Frank London, and Hankus Netsky (not to mention David Licht), and appears on the CD by di bostoner klezmer, “nakhes fun klezmer.”  She occasionally reviews Yiddish music in both English and Yiddish.