Dec. 2, 2014 Dave Levitt Trio

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Dave Levitt – Trombone
Mike Cohen – Clarinet
Christina Crowder – Accordion

Three veteran klezmorim, The Dave Levitt Klezmer Trio present to audiences authentic interpretations of Eastern European Klezmer music. They perform dance, popular and concert music stemming from Poland, Russia, Hungary, Roumania, as well as Yiddish Theater favorites. Tying in history and language, the trio consists of accordion, clarinet, and trombone and invites audiences to sing and move with the group’s dialogues and conversations in music.

Dave Levitt is a fourth generation Klezmer musician and is known as a leading authority on this music as well as its history. Mr. Levitt has performed and lectured at the National Yiddish Book Center, Eldridge St. Museum and Synagogue, Center for Jewish History among many others. He wrote the text for the Levitt family exhibit which is on permanent display at the Yiddish Book Center in S. Amherst, Massachusetts.

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