Dec. 12, 2019 Lorin Sklamberg & Polina Shepherd

Lorin Sklamberg   – voice, guitar, accordion, piano (New York, USA)Polina Shepherd– voice, piano  (Brighton, UK)

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The Izba, the Shtibl and the Global Village: 

A melange of Russian song and Yiddish / klezmer with the lead singer of the Grammy winning Klezmatics  and a Siberian-born British singer 

Russian Art songs (Romance), folk and Soviet melodies in Yiddish, bilingual Odessa songs, Russian lyrics put to klezmer tunes, Soviet collective farm songs from a century ago and original material exploring the connection between the Steppes and the Shtetl. 

Lorin Sklamberg  – voice, accordion, guitar, piano

Lead singer of the Grammy winning Klezmatics, a leading exponent of Yiddish song and traditional Jewish vocal techniques.

The legendary music critic Robert Christgau has described Lorin Sklamberg’s voice as “transcendent, ethereal and sensual,” … Since he co-founded the legendary klezmer group in 1986, Lorin Sklamberg has been on the receiving end of countless tributes of that nature—his crystalline, expressive vocalizing never fails to have an emotional impact on all within its range.

He has also worked for the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research for almost 25 years, currently as its Sound Archivist. For 14 years he was the coordinator of KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program, and co-founded Living Traditions. Lorin can be heard on some 50 CDs, and also composes and performs for film, dance, stage and produces recordings.

Polina Shepherd – voice, piano

Whilst living in Kazan (capital of Tatarstan, Russia) and studying at the State Academy, Polina joined Russia′s first klezmer band after Perestroika, Simkha and toured in dark Soviet theatres, to Boris Yeltsin and to the World in 1998-2002.

She is one of the first generation of musicians of the Yiddish revival scene in Eastern Europe: acting as a programme director, educator and performer she has been involved in festivals, conferences and seminars globally.

Now living in Britain, Polina leads four choirs and continues to tour internationally as a Yiddish and Russian singer. Her compositions, including music for theatre, large and small scale choir pieces and other vocal settings for Yiddish poems are performed by soloists and choirs all over the world.

Klezmer Instrumental Music Workshop 6:30pm-8:00   $25 per class, 
Concerts & Dance Parties begin at 8:30pm – $15
Jam Session follows Concert 9:45-10:45ish
Full night pass – $35 (includes Workshop, Concert & Jam Session)

All events will take place at The Town & Village Synagogue, Social Hall,  334 East 14th St.(between 1st & 2nd Ave.)