April 7, 2015 Sy Kushner Jewish Music Ensemble

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This concert will be the a public performance of the ensemble’s fourth and newest CD of original works by Sy Kushner, entitled Klez, Kush, and Son; The Sy Kushner Jewish Music Ensemble, Vol.4. The band consists of:

Sy Kushner: accordion, Ken Maltz: Clarinet, Aaron Alexander: drums, Jeremy Brown: violin, and Marty Confurius: Acoustic bass

“SyKushner is a klezmer lifer, a leading figure on accordion as well as a composer since his Mark 3 days in the 60s…….

highly refined musical gold.”     George Robinson/Jewish Week

“Kushner?s klezmer music integrates non-klezmer sounds, but so smoothly that the result is more like stirred paint, in which each new added element changes the color of the whole.”  Paul Wieder, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation.

“….complexity and soulfulness of a mature creative artist.”  George Robinson/Hadassah Magazine

” Kushner’sauthority, clarity, and grace on the accordion …”

“AccordionistKushner has been making excellent klezmer since his hits with the Mark 3Orchestra back in the 1960s. He has only gotten better

        Ari Davidow-Klezmer Shack

What a wonderful day you gave us.Your music brings me warm memories of a time long ago. Thanks.

 Joan Levine and Jonah Berman commenting on a City Winery performance

The Kushners are the great biblicalbegots of klezmer music.

     Jonathan Mark, Associate Editor,Jewish Week

The CD (KlezSqueeze!) impresses withits simplicity and virtuosity. In many respects, I wondered, how is it possibleto play like that? ….For myself, it is one of the best records ever.     Andreas,from Virtual  Klezmer(Germany)