Apr. 8, 2014 Brian Glassman’s Klezmer/Jazz Alliance


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Brian Glassman is one of the most in-demand bassists on the New York scene, and has been playing Klezmer and Jazz most of his life. He’s played with a virtual who’s who of Klezmer luminaries – Andy Statman, Greg Wall, The Klezmatics, Alicia Svigals, Joanne Borts, Klezmerfest, Zalman Mlotek… His Jazz resume is no less impressive: Lionel Hampton, John & Bucky Pizzarelli, Paquito DiRivera, Dick Hyman, Benny Golson, Dr. Billy Taylor, James Moody, Gary Burton, Benny Carter, and more.

As the name of the band suggests this is a combo made up of master musicians uniquely at home in both musical genres. This group seeks to explore the area of American music where Klezmer / Yiddish,Jazz & Swing styles all intersect. The Jazzy side of Dave Tarras, the Yiddish tinged Swing stylings of Cab Calloway, the Ashkinaz influenced sound of the 2nd Ave. Yiddish Theater and early Broadway composers that made it’s way into so much music from The American Songbook to Be-bop; all this and more are interpreted by this exciting all-star group of NYC pros.

Brian Glassman – bass

Eleanor Reissa – Special Guest Vocalist

Mike Cohen – Saxophone & Clarinet

Dan Rosengaard – piano

Aaron Alexander – drums

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