Apr. 1, 2014, Inna Barmash’s “Hindele” Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs

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with exhibit of paintings by Irina Sheynfeld inspired by the project

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Twinkling Lullabies & Songs of Love and Love Gone Wrong

Inna Barmash will bring her latest of program of Yiddish songs to the New York Klezmer Series. The program explores art songs and folk songs, including rarely heard treasures of old Soviet era anthologies of songs collected in the shtetls of Ukraine in the 1920s and art songs by Soviet composers set to Yiddish poetry.   Joining Inna on stage are Lev ‘Ljova’ Zhurbin (viola/fadolin), Shoko Nagai (piano/accordion), Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch (clarinet/bass clarinet) and Dmitry Ishenko (bass).  With this group of musicians, as part of the BluePrint Fellowship project of COJECO, Inna released a recording, Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs, in November 2013.  This concert will also feature an exhibit of paintings by the New York-based artist Irina Sheynfeld, who created a series of paintings inspired by the recording.


About Inna Barmash

Inna first started singing in Yiddish back in her home city of Vilnius, Lithuania as a child in the late 80s. After immigrating to the US with her family in 1991, Inna has continued singing in Yiddish, Russian and other languages with numerous klezmer and folk groups in the NY area.  She is the vocalist of the chamber folk band Ljova & the Kontraband and co-leads the gypsy dance party band Romashka.


AUDIO:  http://innabarmash.bandcamp.com

VIDEO:  http://tinyurl.com/youtube-inna


The “Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs” recording was made possible through a grant by the BluePrint Fellowship project of COJECO, funded by the UJA-Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group.



About Irina Sheynfeld

Irina Sheynfeld, is an artist, illustrator and designer born in Odessa, Ukraine, where she studied painting at the Odessa College of Art. Upon arriving to New York, Irina earned her BFA from Parsons School of Design and MFA from School of Visual Arts. She worked as a designer and illustrator for The Wall Street Journal, Time Warner and Oxygen Media. For several years Irina illustrated a weekly column for Editor and Publisher magazine. Irina has presented solo shows at the Ceres Gallery in Chelsea, Tagine Gallery, and the JCC in Manhattan.  Inspired by Inna’s recording project, Irina created a series of paintings, some of which served as artwork for the album.  More at http://www.irinasheynfeld.com


“…At Joe’s Pub, Inna Barmash led an excellent band … through a set of frequently spellbinding, emotionally rich new arrangements of old Jewish folk tunes from the Ukraine and points further west. In this performance, Barmash built a warmly personable rapport with the audience, sharing her passion and erudite knowledge of obscure treasures brought to light by both Dmitri Shostakovich as well as legendary pre-Holocaust archivist Moishe Beregovsky. . . . As nuanced a singer as [Inna] Barmash is in the studio – her new album, Yiddish Love Songs and Lullabies, many of which she played this evening – is fantastic, but live is where her heart is….” – New York Music Daily


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