NY Klezmer Series Fundraising Appeal

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The NY Klezmer Series is an important part of the Jewish music fabric of New York City, giving everyone from the most seasoned performers to the most exciting of the newer groups a venue to present their work, and being a home for all people who love to play, listen, and dance to klezmer and Yiddish music.”   
Frank London, Grammy-Winning Musician

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Since 2010, The New York Klezmer Series has CREATED over 225 evenings of the finest Klezmer music and Yiddish dance.  We present the best of New York’s amazing musicians and visiting artists from around the world. And we provide a central place for klezmer musicians and people involved and interested in Yiddish culture to gather, socialize, build community and learn from each other.  Our partnerships with important Arts Organizations – such as Workmen’s Circle, Yiddish New York, Living Traditions, Center for Traditional Music and Dance, – speak to our status in the community. BUT we do not receive funding from our partners.

We need your help to continue.  Your Tax-Deductible Contribution, through the organization Center for Traditional Music and Dance, Makes a Big Difference. 
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We want to establish a minimum fee for all ensembles (PAY THE MUSICIANS!), expand educational outreach, start a monthly kids Tantshoyz (Dance Party), restart our Kidz Klezmer Band, create a searchable database of music, hire a professional publicist, and MORE.

Thank you to those supporters who’ve already made a contribution!

Please consider a gift. Any amount makes a real difference and shows us your vital support! Or consider giving at one of these levels:

$25 Level – Friend
1 CD from a NYKS artist
Acknowledgement on our website

$50 Level –  Student Supporter
Incentives                  1 ticket to any NYKS event
1 CD from a NYKS artist
Acknowledgement on our website

$100 Level –  Supporter
Incentives                  4 tickets to any NYKS event
1 CD from a NYKS Artist
Acknowledgement on our website

$250 Level – Sheyna Punim
Incentives                  Private Klezmer Music Lesson
2 tickets to any NYKS event
2 CDs from NYKS Artists
Acknowledgement on our website

 $500 Level – Tayere Fraynd
Incentives – Solo concert from Aaron Alexander or another NYKS artist
2 tickets to any NYKS event
2 CDs from NYKS Artists
Acknowledgement on our website

 $1000 Level – Sustainer
Incentives                  1 2018 NYKS Season Concert/Tantshoyz Pass
3 CDs from NYKS artists
Acknowledgment on our website

$2500 Level – Major Mentsh
Incentives                  Dedicate an evening to a loved one of your choice
1 2018 NYKS full night season pass (includes workshop, concert, jam)
4 CDs from NYKS artists
Acknowledgment on our website

$5000 Level – Pillar of the Community
Incentives:                 1 hour private concert at your home from a great NYKS ensemble.
5 CDs from NYKS artists
10 tickets to any NYKS event
Acknowledgment on our website

Thank you for your support AND CARE! Please be in touch anytime.

Aaron Alexander, Co-Founder, Artistic Director, NY Klezmer Series
400 W. 43rd St. Apt. 44s       (checks can be mailed here)
NY NY 10036

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More testimonials:

“We hosted the NY Klezmer Series at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue for several years and know first hand the incredible array of accomplished artists featured in the series. Artists and audiences travel from all over the world to witness these remarkable programs. The quality and quantity of the weekly performances and associated Klezmer dancing and educational workshop components for adults and children are unparalleled. We know of no other organization that maintains such a deeply dedicated, year round commitment to fostering exposure to Klezmer music and Yiddish culture in New York City, or anywhere else, than the New York Klezmer Series.”

Cantor Daniel Singer, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue

New York City is the world capital of new Jewish culture and the NY Klezmer Series is its best weekly party. A superb hang for musicians and a warm welcome for listeners, the NY Klezmer Series is an indispensable part of the New York Jewish music scene.

Rokhl Kafrissen, Journalist & Playwright

“The NY Klezmer Series creates community, and provides a context for artists to keep this deep, beautiful tradition alive and make it thrive.” 

Alicia Svigals- World’s Foremost Klezmer Fiddler

“It was hard to imagine that in the greatest and most diverse Jewish city in the world there was no home for the music of Ashkenazic Jewry, in its native language, on anything more than an ad hoc basis, until Rabbi Greg Wall and Aaron Alexander had the vision to launch the NY Klezmer Series. It is truly indispensable, not just for the audiences who thirst for an authentic taste of this rich folk tradition, or the student musicians who have benefited from the workshops that have been part of the series from day one, but for the community of Klezmer and Yiddish artists from all over the world who have graced its stage. It has been the place I have launched projects, deepened relationships with my colleagues, and found new audiences for my music. It is an amazing resource that has already changed the musical and artistic landscape of New York, and has only begun to tap its true potential!”

Jordan Hirsch, Renowned Klezmer Trumpet Player, Bandleader