Instrumental Klezmer Workshop

On Thurs., May 30, 2019 from 6:30-7:30pm Josh Waletzky will lead our Klezmer Workshop!    Josh Waletzky, (born in Brooklyn, in 1948) is one of the leading Yiddish songwriters in the world. He grew up immersed in the Yiddish music world of his family and secular school/camp network and has been teaching, performing, and writing Yiddish songs and instrumentals ever since. Yiddish music has also figured prominently in his documentary filmmaking career, from “Image Before My Eyes” (1981) and “Partisans of Vilna” (1986) to PBS programs featuring Itzhak Perlman to his four recent films on Yiddish writers, from Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman (2005) to Yonia Fain (2017). Josh was a founding member of the early klezmer revival band “Kapelye,” and went on to collaborate with Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer on a landmark collection of his original Yiddish songs in 2002, “Crossing the Shadows.” He has a new album of Yiddish songs, “PASAZHIRN / Passengers”

Mr. Waletzky will be leading a workshop focusing on nigunim, wordless melodies, and the workshop will be equally valuable to instrumentalists and vocalists – all are welcome. 

Klezmer Music Workshop 6:30pm-8:00   $25 per class, 
Concerts & Dance Parties begin at 8:30pm – $15
Jam Session follows Concert 9:45-10:45ish 
Full night pass – $35 (includes Workshop, Concert & Jam Session)

All events will take place at The Town & Village Synagogue, Social Hall,  334 East 14th St.(between 1st & 2nd Ave.)








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 In 2011 we added a Klezmer Workshop to the series. Usually led by the concert artist, but sometimes led by series director, Aaron Alexander, the focus is on learning classic klezmer repertoire – usually we’ll learn a few tunes each week. We learn Klezmer  and co-territorial tunes, forms and their proper rhythms, the common klezmer modes, melodic ornamentation, accompaniment parts, and whatever people want to learn.  Often we will play songs we’ve learned in the workshop at the jam session after the concert.  In the past we’ve had Pete Sokolow, Frank London, Michael Winograd, Alicia Svigals, Jordan Hirsch, Margot Leverett, Zevy Zions, Matt Darriau, Pete Rushefsky, Zisl Slepovitch, Ilya Shneyveys, Sasha Lurje, Vanya Zhuk, and many others lead the workshop.

Bring your own instruments. We learn both by ear and with written music. Music will usually, but not always, be available for C, Bb, and Eb instruments.

There is a discounted fee if you take the workshop and attend the concert – $35


Here are some comments from students who have attended the workshops:

“If you like learning klezmer from top pros, attending klezmer concerts by those pros or jamming with them; Aaron Alexander’s New York Klezmer Series [formerly the East Village Klezmer Series] is the place for you. As a 69-year old who has been learning klezmer for the past 14 years, I can’t wait for the new series to start.”
Jerry Alperstein – alto horn

“Workshops, concerts, and jams with the stars of the Klezmer scene; it’s like Klezkamp without the schlep.”
Mitch Elinson – clarinetist

“I got to see great musicians like Elaine Hoffman Watts, Alicia Svigals, and Jeff Warschauer/Deborah Strauss, and I got to sit in and jam with Margot Leverett and Arkady Goldenshteyn.” –Steve Wishnia, bassist.

“The East Village Klezmer Series was AMAZING! The ensemble instruction By Aaron Alexander and by many of the series performers has been really valuable. The concerts, dancing and Jam secessions were so invigorating. These evenings have been wonderful, almost like going to a a mini Klezkamp retreat. Thank You!” –Jonathan Flamm – alto sax

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